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At PS 206 – We Are All Super Readers!!!!!!

                                   “Let there be no purpose in friendship
                                        save the deepening of the spirit”
                                                ---Khalil Gibran

This month, our school community will read the book Those Shoes by Maribeth Boels.  This book follows two boys, Anthony and Jeremy, who both want a pair of shoes that everyone at school has.  Anthony and Jeremy both learn what it means to be a good friend when Jeremy gets the coveted shoes.

For this month, we are connecting to the Super Reader Strength of Friendship.  At school, we are promoting relationship building and budding friendships that can also be done by families at home too.  The home and community are ideal places to teach children the value and work of friendship and to begin to connect friendship to becoming super readers.

Actions to Develop Your Child’s Sense of Friendship

·      Friendship Collage: Create a collage where you identify with your child admirable traits in his or her family members and friends.

·      Friendship Memory Book: Invite your child to create a friendship book where he or she collects favorite memories with family members and friends.

·      Family and Friends Dinner: Organize a dinner where each family member invites a friend.

·      Friendship Chain: Cut pieces of paper into strips. On each strip, have a family member write down a way he or she is a good friend, and a way others are good friends to him or her.  Link the strips by taping or stapling the ends together to make a Friendship Chain.

·      Friendship Circle: At the end of the day (or as schedules allow) have family members and friends sit in a circle and share one way the person seated beside them has been a good friend.

Routines to Develop Your Child’s Sense of Friendship

- Read books around the theme of friendship with your child.
- Model reading behaviors for book clubs or with book buddies.
- Ask your child to share his or her favorite books.

Working together, we will continue to build Super Readers at PS 206





Those Shoes

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