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MAY 2017



What’s Working: Differentiation and small group instruction continue to be effective practices in the classroom. Fundations is being used to introduce sentence writing. Teachers also continue to integrate the use of social studies into current writing.

Current Focus/ Challenges/Concerns: As in prior years testing, data indicates that Ready Gen is not fully preparing students to succeed in basic decoding skills. Teachers are beginning to teach tapping out words on fingers so that students will begin decoding words. The team will continue to supplement informational texts, big book reading, intensive word work, and phonics. In writing, students are currently working on books about different habitats.

Subtraction is being introduced in math. Students are using hands-on manipulatives and other activities to solve problem. Writing a subtraction number sentence using numbers, minus and equal sign symbols are being practiced as well.

Team’s Next Steps—Instruction: The team places stress on early literacy skills, especially intensive sight word and phonics instruction. Sight word usage will be modeled through sentences and daily class reading activities. Students must be prepared to discuss beyond the text and use higher level thinking skills across all subject areas.

In May, team will be sending home report cards in preparation for student led conferences. Discussions of student educational progress will be on the agenda with parents and students.

Team’s Next Steps-Teacher Practice: An intensive focus on strengthening comprehension and decoding skills and on Fundations will be practiced. Other strategies in daily activities will include small group instruction, one-to-one conferencing, kid watching, team talk, accountable talk, and the usage of the fishbowl strategy for discussion.

Websites for kindergarten kids:



Look at the pictures - this helps with the meaning of the story.
Slide through the whole word - Sound out each sound.
Skip the hard or tricky words and then go back - Read...Skip...Go back and reread.
Get your mouth ready to make the first sound.
Reread - Ask yourself "Does it look right?" " Does it sound right?" "Does it make sense?" If not STOP and go back!
Spell the word out loud.
Try a different vowel sound.
Think of a rhyming word you do know. "If I know c-a-t is cat, the I know h-a-t must be hat.




Learning Websites

1. Listen and play animal games
2. About Geography and animals
3. Practice reading strategies
4. Dr. Seuss reading games
5. Practice math and reading skills
6. Practice math and reading skills
7. Learning with your favorite characters
8. Practice phonics skills
9. Read stories with your favorite movie stars
10. Cool science experiments
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Renee Dawn
Caryn Arons
Allison Reid / Carla Cortez - McNeill (ICT) -
Vacancy (12:1:1)






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