Attendance and Lateness:

Students must arrive to school on time each day. When they are chronically late, they miss out on instructional time and that impacts their learning. Excessive lateness is documented through the I-Log DOE system and it may warrant a meeting at the school or a visit from the Attendance Teacher.

If a child is absent from school, please send in a note explaining the absence. If it is an absence of more than three days, a doctor’s note is recommended. Students must be in school 90% of the school year. If a child is excessively absent without explanation, they can be re-tai ned in their grade and further action may take place. When a student is absent, they are responsible for all work they missed. Please set up a system with your teacher.

School success depends upon good attendance. That means not only being in school each day, but also getting there on time. Children who arrive late to school taker longer to adjust to the classroom routines and disrupt the class. Here are some ideas to make your mornings less hectic and to help you get out of the house on time:

b Set aside a place to keep shoes, coats, homework, and book bags so they can be located easily.
b Prepare the night before. Lay your clothes out for he next day. Pack away homework, lunch money, and permission slips at night.
b Establish a regular bedtime and nightly routine. Children need a good night’s rest to be ready for the next day.
b Set the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier to give you an extra cushion of time.


Early Sign Out:

Your child will only be released to those people that are listed on the blue emergency card. An older sibling is not allowed to pick up students during the school day. If you need to pick up your child before the end of the school day, please send a note to the child’s classroom teacher. The student must be signed out in the book located in the main office.


The safety of our building is of top priority. All parents and guests enter through the main entrance. All visitors must sign in with a valid picture ID with the security agent when entering an leaving the building. When you sign in, the School Safety Agent will give you a sticker pass, which you must wear while you are in the school building. The sticker must be worn so that children and staff may recognize it and be more comfortable. Please try not to make any appointments for your child during the school day as this interrupts instruction.

School Nurse:

The school nurse is located on the first floor in Room 116A. Parents need to inform the school nurse and teach-ers of any special illness, allergies, or conditions their child may have. In order for medication (long term only) to be administered at school, a 504 form must be completed by a physician and parent and returned to school.


A calendar will be sent home prior to the first day of each month outlining events that are taking place in the school. School notices are sent home via back pack. Please check your child’s folder daily and return all forms promptly. The School Messenger phone system is used for announcements. The PS 206 website: ps206.org

Emergency Contact Cards

It is imperative that the blue emergency card is returned to school with numbers that are in service. If you need to up-date the card, please come into the office and we will give you a new card.

What happens if I am late picking up my child?

Students in Grades K—5 are dismissed every day by 2:25 pm. Parents or designees must arrive on time to pick up their child each day. Children who have not been picked up on time are escorted to the lobby area near the main en-trance. Parents must enter the building via the main en-trance and are required to sign their child out in the “late book” as parent lateness is recorded. Please keep in mind that consistent lateness can be upsetting for your child and for the staff. In the case of an emergency, please call the main office to explain your lateness and we will be happy to work with you and your child.

If you need to pair your children up to dismiss at one exit, please write a note to each child’s teacher.

NYC Department of Education Discipline Code:

The NYC DOE is committed to ensuring that our schools are safe, secure and orderly environments in which teaching and learning take place every day. The Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures (The Blue Book or Discipline Code) provides a comprehensive description of unacceptable behavior, includ-ing incidents involving the Internet, drugs or weapons. It in-cludes a range of permissible disciplinary and intervention measures which may be used to address student behavior. Each September, all students will receive the Discipline Code, a parent letter and a Behavior Contract. Please review and discuss the contents of the Discipline Code with your child. Be sure that both you and your child sign and return the Behavioral Contract to your child’s teacher.


We encourage you to contact the school whenever there are questions or concerns. If you desire to schedule a conference with a specific teacher or administrator, please write a note or send an email to the teacher or administrator. If there is no response, please contact Maggie Isdith, the parent coordinator who will help to arrange a mutually acceptable time for a meeting.


Email is a great way to get in contact with members of the school community. Your child’s teacher may give you his/her Department of Education email during Orientation in September. Please note, staff members may not respond that same day but will respond in a timely manner. The school has a Parent Intake Form that you may fill out in the main office so that we can direct your concern to the right person and solve the problem.



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