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From the Desk of Mrs. Thomas

Each month the Super Reader’s of PS 206 read a book as a school community about a super reader strength.  Last month we explored “belonging.”  This month our school community will explore “curiosity.”  Our book of the month is “Dear World” by Takayo Noda.

What You Can Do To Promote Curiosity at Home?

The following fun activities can help you support the development of curiosity in yourr Super Readers.

Wonder Walk:  Bring a tablet or notebook and teach your child how to take notes on wonderings and observations while going on a walk.

Book Basket:  Create a basket of books on topics your child is wondering about.

Neighborhood Walk: Go on a walk around the neighborhood as a family and stop and jot down what you observe.

Curiosity Window: Use tape and draw a box in a window; put markers and pens and index cards near the window so your child can look out the window and take notes on what he or she sees.

Curiosity Tour:  Have each family member come up with one question he or she has about the world.  Then go to the library together or go on the internet together to find out the answers.

20 Questions: Ask a family member to stand in the center of a circle of people and pick someone to be, like an animal or famous athlete.  Then he or she acts out the choice, while members of the group guess what or who he or she is by asking yes or no questions.  If the group members figure out what or who the family member is in 20 questions or fewer they win the round.
Routines to Develop Your Child’s Sense of Curiosity

·      Keep a wonderings chart of your child’s questions; go online with your child and find the answers together.
·      Ask your child questions that spark meaningful conversation.
·      Ignite your child’s curiosity by taking him or her to a museum, park or another place that relates to a book he or she has read.
·      Have your child keep a journal of wonderings and create a story based on his or her questions.
·      Encourage your child to read informational books about new or unfamiliar topics.
·      Make observations about your surroundings when out and about with your child.
·      On slips of paper, write down new words your child discovers and keep them in a word jar.  Every now and then, take them out and discuss their meanings.

It is very important to get involved with what your child is interested in reading.  It is not only reading for understanding, but also reading for knowledge and enjoyment.  During the month December when we are putting our focus on promoting curiosity, I encourage you to try some of these fun activities.  Make sure that you child has books to read at home and that you know how to access MyOn Reader.  This is an online library of thousands of books for PS 206 students.  If you are having issues with MyOn, please let our parent coordinator know and we will get you up and running.

Our next Super Reader Strength for the month of January is Friendship.  Come back to the Principal’s Message on our website to learn more about how you can support friendship at home.  


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